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ESTEVE-ALTAVA, B., R. DIOGO, C. SMITH, J.C. BOUGHNER & D. RASSKIN-GUTMAN (2015). Anatomical networks reveal the musculoskeletal modularity of the human head. Nature Scientific Reports 5: 8298. [CCA42--> PDF; REDUCED QUALITY: FOR A HIGH QUALITY PDF, PLEASE CONTACT RUI DIOGO].

pdfESTEVE-ALTAVA, B., J.C. BOUGHNER, R. DIOGO, B. VILLMOARE & D. RASSKIN-GUTMAN (2015). Anatomical network analysis shows decoupling of modular lability and complexity in the evolution of the primate skull. PLOS One 10: e0127653 [PCA16 --> PDF; FOR A HIGH QUALITY VERSION OF THE PDF, PLEASE CONTACT RUI DIOGO]

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